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I was called to take a large stash of honey and comb from a Bee-tree that had been there for two years, and has apparently died out over winter here south of Ithaca, New York. I had to giggle when I arrived, as the tree is a massive Locust that I question if even a 4 foot bar would be able to drop. Of course this is right next to a house, and I pointed out if it were my house it certainly would be not standing, as it is a complete and utter danger with such saturated ground at this time of year, particularly with the winds we have been encountering.
That being said, the owner, who may or may not be able to afford to drop the tree, will allow me to do any experimentation on the property regarding the tree. I pointed out to her that such a large stash of honey will almost certainly draw in another honey bee swarm.
As it seems unlikely the owner will be able to afford a couple thousand dollar charge to drop the tree (I suspect this is what it will be), my thought is to set up a swarm trap over the entrance holes. My initial thought is to drill a 1 ½ inch hole in the back of a starter nuke, screen it on the inside, and mount it at the entrance hole. I suspect the scent from the honey and comb, augmented with some L.G.O. inside the nuke, will make for an ideal situation to capture a swarm this spring. I have been setting traps in the area as we have had large swarms show up on property over the last 3 years (not my Bee’s), and so there is a few healthy wild populations in the area.
Has anyone here ever performed such a preemptive maneuver, and if so have you had success, and/or do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you for considering this scenario. I look most forward to your input, comments, and suggestions.
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