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Post image from smart phone to beesource?

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Can I use android smart phone to post a image onto a Beesource forum? My first smart phone and a 4 week newbie with it. I have some bee photos and video too on it.
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My phone only has problems because the pictures are too big. If you use an app to shrink them then you can do it. OR you can browse to tinypic and upload them to there.

Also, I haven't seen where you can do it from the mobile version of the site (though, I wish you could because I like the navigation of the mobile site).. you have to click desktop site and then do it there... and still it's finicky.
Down load the Photobucket app, open an account, and you can easily upload the pics to photobucket and then post them to BS from there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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