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Possible robbing issue upon install

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Have two healthy hives and got two more coming in the next week. Will the healthy hives rob the sugar syrup from the new colonies ? Both new colonies have the internal frame type feeders. The hives will be about 2' away from each other. Any comments ?
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I think there is unough flow on that the bees wont want no stinkin sugar water :eek:
But its got Honey Bee Healthy in it !
honeyman may be right about robbing right away. The girls perfer real nectar over sugar--even with HBH in it.

The robbing issue though will become a problem when the flow subsides, and we head into summer dearth conditions. It would be wise to keep the entrance reduced as much as you can. If your healthy two hives start booming, you can pull some frames of brood to put in the new ones to even out the strengh of the hives.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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