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this copied from bee-l as possible of interest to some beeks.

*From:* Hayes, Jerry [mailto:[email protected]]
*Sent:* Wednesday, March 10, 2010 11:56 AM
*To:* a[email protected]
*Subject:* [AIA_L] Apiguard

I had heard from a Beekeeper in California that Apiguard had been
removed from the US market. That seemed rather peculiar so I checked
further. According to Vita Europe an air freight shipment of Apiguard
was stopped in Chicago by EPA. Apparently there were some changes in
labeling requirements that Vita had not been apprised of. On the label a
“Panel” size was incorrect and the “Font” was wrong on the wording
within the “Panel”. Vita had the shipment returned to the UK for lots of
money. New labels were made and all packages on the shipment were
re-labeled ,more money. The shipment was sent back to the US through
Chicago, more money, where the EPA stopped it once again. This time the
EPA told Vita that they did not have time to tell them what the problem
was but they would get back to them when they had time. More money for

The EPA has been contacted by USDA to explain that beekeepers need this
product as one of the few that work and have no significant
toxicity/residue challenges.

Stay tuned. Thanks Jerry

G. W. Hayes, Jr.

Assistant Chief

Bureau of Plant and Apiary Inspection

Apiary Inspection Section

Division of Plant Industry

P O Bx 147100

Gainesville FL 32614-7100
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