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Inspected the hive today that has had 5 - 10 'crawlers' in front of it for the past week. Decided to tx with 1/4 teaspoon of Oxlaic acid per hive body, 12v vaproizer.

Pulled the super, no honey.

Where I removed feeders and replaced with empty frames, honey. In the space with the 10th frame should have went, but i didnt feel like wedging one in.... honey. Bottom hive body. removed a feeder i was to chicken to remove last month. Did not go looking for the queen. There was capped brood i could see just be peering about, and a 3 inch section of capped brood in the feeder i removed.
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ok, put the cover on and put 1/2 teaspon Oxlaic Acid in, attached to battery, cover with grass. White vapor seen about 2 1/2 minutes, then nothing. Pulled it at 3 1/2 minutes, oxalic acid gone.
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Reassembled hive. Bees are way pissed.

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Boy, the bees sure made a mess of that #10 frame position. Now you know why you can never leave a frame out. Done that plenty of times, always intending to go back to the house and grab one. Now I carry a bunch out with me just in case.

The bees will roar a bit after OAV, but they will settle down in just a few minutes.
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