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I opened my hive today (queenless split made on 4/12/14) on the advice of my mentor. I was looking for a capped queen cell since this should be about day 12. This is what I saw:

Honeycomb Bee Honeybee Beehive Insect

If I know what I'm looking at, that looks like a hatched queen, but I didn't see one on any of the frames.

Then I found this girl on top of my feeder:

Mesh Net Pest

Would this be my new queen? From handling her, it seems like her back two legs weren't working quite right. She moves them when she needs to but keeps the back two tucked under her and pulls along with the rest. Of course, that could be because she fell into a little leftover syrup.

Thanks in advanced.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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