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Hoping this isn't AFB! I've got some tests coming in but it will be a week.
The rope matchstick test was not consistent and rarely yielded a short rope.
Some of the larvae are desiccated in the back of the comb (where they are when healthy) in a moon shape
Some are on the floor of the comb, off-white/yellow in color
Others are twisted up towards the entrance.
Could not find any holes in the caps or overly sunken caps

Higher quality photo link:

Some of the pictures may be taken upside-down
Pattern Bee Honeycomb Design Metal

Pattern Pipe Design Metal Bee

Pattern Honeycomb Bee Insect Design

Pattern Bee Design Insect Honeycomb

Honeycomb Pattern Bee Beehive Insect
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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