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Went back to the old porch to finish the cutout and gather as many bees and comb as possible. Was very pleasantly surprised to find lots of honeycomb on the top and outer edges of the comb. Filled a 5-gallon bucket nearly full of honeycomb.

Gather up two more buckets of comb and nectar.

Used the bee vac to gather as many bees as possible.

Went back to the bee yard to combine these bees with their sisters from the first part of the cutout. Was expecting a swarm to erupt when we took the lid off but it was absolutely peace and quiet. "I like these bees". Compared to the "insane" hive number 5 and yes, hive 5 was dive bombing us all the time we worked with hive 6.

We put back 14 frames of comb filled with brood, nectar, pollen and honey. We quickly set box number three "mediums" on top, placed the last four frames of comb far to the right of the box and prepared to pour whatever bees we captured with the bee vac into the left side in the open space. One bounce on the ground brought all the bees to the bottom of the box. Quick as a wink, we pulled off the top and you have never seen the like of bees as were in that box. We literally "poured" the bees into the empty part of the box where the last six frames would have gone. We left them out on purpose to make room for the bees.

My son was so stoked. It was just unbelievable. He said "I like these bees, not like the insane 5".

Awesome experience. This hive was very calm and we hope to have a great experience with this hive #6.
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