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Poppy Frenzy

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They seem to go after the poppies so aggressively, that the flowers seldom last more than one morning. I always throw a couple of handfuls of seeds in the garden first thing in the spring, much to the dismay of my wife,....and then a couple more handfuls after she goes back in the house. :D
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Very impressed. Do you know what type of poppies you have? I tried raising poppies one year and the bees barely touched them. I would like to raise what you have.
Papaver Somniferum or more commonly known as the Opium Poppy, these are the Red Shaggy variety. I also have orange Oriental Poppies, however they seem to give them less attention. It may be due to the fact that the Oriental poppies bloom a month earlier than the red shaggies

The Red Shaggy I just throw out the seeds in the early spring, the oriental act more like a perennial and either need to be grown from a piece of the root or sewn indoors in compost (spread them lightly on top of the compost) keep them moist warm and cover them with a sheet of newspaper, transplant them in the fall while soil is still warm or in spring after threat of heavy frost is gone.
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