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Polypropylene Hive Bodies

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Has anyone tried any of the polypropylene hive bodies and/or supers offered by Mother Lode Products? If so, what was your experience?

Also, does anyone on the east coast distribute Mother Lode's products? I was going to place an order for 5 each of their polypropylene deep hive bodies medium supers at a cost of $110, but the shipping charges were over $75! I live in South Carolina, but that still seemed a little steep and pretty much cost prohibitive even just to try them out. I've got an e-mail out to them to see if they have any cheaper shipping methods, but haven't heard back.


Simpsonville, SC
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Good point, but I'm mainly interested in the weather & termite resistance properties of the polypropylene hive bodies. We normally fabricate our own supers as well, but have used the plastic bottom boards and top covers that Walter Kelly sells and have been pleased with them. Given how much we like those components, I'd like to give these supers and hive bodies a shot, but paying an additional $0.75 on the dollar for shipping seems a bit much.
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