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Matias Viel CEO of Beeflow on Innovation in Pollination
A MIT Innovator under 35 is “Increasing crop yields by applying scientific knowledge to Bee Pollination”

Lessons from Mark Winston on Bees, Nature, and His Experiences
We get into an emotional journey through what it’s like to work, and live with bees, and what Mark has learned over the years!

Harvard Bumble Bee Expert James Crall on Bumblebees, photography, and books
Harvard bumble bee and bee teach expert gets into the weeds on his work. This is a passion filled ride through his life and work!

Venturing Around America to Building a Venture For America’s Beekeepers with Dawn Musil

From venturing around america to building a venture for america’s beekeepers. Lets all show some appreciation for Dawn the co-founder of HIVELEND! We get into everything in this episode involving bees, beekeeping, finding your way, and more. Listen, and then act on what you hear. We all can do our part to make the world better.

Kelly Rourke a Director at Pollinator Partnership Discusses Pollinator Programs You Can Get Involved With
How she, and her team is working on helping stop the decline of the monarch butterfly, area she is targeting for development and would love help with, pollinator facts, how she got into a passion driven life of purpose, and more. how they made pollinator week.
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