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Forgive me if I have missed any discussion on the topic of pollen. I am new to the site.
From what I've read pollen is a way bees get some of the vitals of life. Therefore it is logical to me that I feed pollen to my new package bees when they arrive in April. Is this the correct thinking?
If I am going to feed pollen, then I think I should buy the fresh pollen from Brushy Mountain. What say you...anybody?
My third question is when to start and how long to supplement with pollen?
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Thank you, honeyman. That was kind of my thought, except I was wondering about the new colony and if they might need a "boost". Since I am already at the beginnings of blooms here, by April things will be in full swing, so I am going to go with your opinion.
By the way KA9CTT looks suspiciously similar to a call sign. I am KE5SXN, although I am not currently on the air...yet.
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