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Forgive me if I have missed any discussion on the topic of pollen. I am new to the site.
From what I've read pollen is a way bees get some of the vitals of life. Therefore it is logical to me that I feed pollen to my new package bees when they arrive in April. Is this the correct thinking?
If I am going to feed pollen, then I think I should buy the fresh pollen from Brushy Mountain. What say you...anybody?
My third question is when to start and how long to supplement with pollen?
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It is only the nurse bees which consume the bee bread. Worker bees eat honey. The nurse bee need the pollen or bee bread in order to produce the jelly which they feed to the young latvae. Thus at least for the first three weeks the bees from the package do not need any pollen. In this three weeks there is enough time for the worker bees to gather all the pollen they will need for the emerging larvae.
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