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pollen to weak hives/"boxed" swarm that don't seem to have eggs/brood) - meaning?

It's been a cruel few weeks: 1 hived swarm that's petering away (and 1 gone after 2 weeks), 2 strong-hive splits -- 1 of which failed [I think I rolled the queen when some fresh brood-comb rolled in on itself], as did its mother hive, and the other split and its mother hive .... "stalling", maybe. Stories behind each, but no need to go into those now.

But the point: in my remaining formerly strong hive, its split (which itself swarmed over the weekend!) and the remaining hived-swarm, bees continue to bring in lots of pollen.

What gives?! In the swarm colony, I see no brood at all, and minimal drawn comb. In the mother hive, I added a honey super, and after 10 days, took it off; the girls'd done nothing to it. In the box beneath it, maybe only 6 frames worked on. In the split, there was the swarming, and the extra box I'd put on a week before had nothing done to it. Only a little capped brood in the box beneath it.

Still, pollen's coming in. Does that suggest each has a queen? Are the bugs bringing in the stuff out of habit or genomic-programming? Bored, maybe? Stoopid? :s

While I'm at it: should I consider putting some capped brood into the hived swarm, dump in some nurse bees, and add a fresh new queen after a week or so? Not sure that either of my remaining "maybe-viable" hives could take having any #'s removed from 'em. Not-to-mention, the workers in the hived swarm're getting long in the proboscis now. I doubt they'd have the wherewithal to care for newbees much at this stage.

Thx much for any input (for this convoluted post)!

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