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Pollen Patty Question

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I took the pollen patty out of the hive on May 4 because the bees weren't consuming it at all and it was wet. They've been bringing in lots of pollen. May 5, 6, 7, 8 was cold and wet so the bees weren't doing much outside the hive. On May 9 it was in the low 60's and sunny so the bees came out in large numbers and were busy for hours collecting lots of pollen. May 10, today, tomorrow and Thursday is suppose to be cold and rainy (40's). Should I open the hive and give the bees a pollen patty to hold them over until they can get back out to forage? Not having any experience with beekeeping beyond the few weeks I've been doing it I'm afraid they'll die if they can't get out to forage (am I wrong about that?) They are still consuming the sugar syrup and they have a full bottle at all times.
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I was under the opinion that it is the syrup that will keep them going (I believe a small amount of pollen is only needed for actual eating).
They need pollen mostly for brood. I don't think their in danger of starving as long as your feeding syrup.
Pixie, the forecast is for a sunny weekend in the 70's. It should start to get dryer after Thursday is over and then they will be out in force. The bees will be fine until then. Adrian.
It puts my mind at ease to know that they will be ok for the time being. Thank you! I didn't like the idea of opening the hive when it is so cold at wet. Thinking they wouldn't like it so much either :(
Is this a package or a nuc? When did you put the patty on? Why is the patty wet? Did you mix it and or buy mixed? You did good by pulling it if they are not taking it. Keep some feed on them. They will be fine.
Package. The patty was put on April 22 but removed May 4. It was wet from whatever was happening inside the hive and not eaten so I tossed it. They were bringing in tons of pollen and filling the frames out nicely so I didn't put another patty in. The patty came from Mann Lake.
I kept bees for about 15 years before I gave them the first pollen patty. I am not actually sure if I should give them any at all. For the past few years I have given them patties so that they could keep raising brood during extended rainy times in early spring.

But they get large fast. The good part of that is that I can (actually I have to so that they won't swarm) make nucs up from all of the extra bees.

Your area may be different concerning pollen available, but they won't starve from not having a pollen patty. You might need to make sure that they have syrup though.
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