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Im going to be feeding my first hive their first pollen patties today. Im not sure if I made them alright... The directions said to use 1 qt hot water to 2 qts sugar, then use 1 qt of the syrup solution to 1 pound of pollen subsitute. I made 8 patties total, I think theyre a bit oversized =p how many should you get from 1 pound of sub usually??

my real quesion is- I placed each pattie between wax paper like suggested, but when i install it onto the top bars should I leave the paper side up or down?? I dont want it to dry out, but dont know if with the heat it will melt down into the frames (its a pretty thick mixture right now)

Any advice would be appreciated!!! :0) thank you!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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