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Pollen Pattie Paper

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I am at a loss. I am wondering what the thin paper on commercial pollen patties is? I have used wax paper or parchment paper. I just wasn't sure what that thin paper is that is used in commercial patties. It just feels different than regular old waxed paper on the roll. Any help appreciated.
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seems to me that it's the same paper as the separator sheets between cheese slices. Mystery food grade paper. It's about the same thickness as waxed paper, just unwaxed.

As far as making your own patties, parchment or waxed paper or even newsprint would be adequate. I feel butcher paper is a bit too heavy, though. But that's just my opinion and it might work just fine for you.
I made some patties this year. First time ever. And I used wax paper bags from Walmart.
They were chewed through in no time once I put them in the hives. Easy to make the patties in as well.
I use parchment paper for my patties, I do remove it from the top of the patty when I install it so it isn't a lot (sandwiched between two small sheets). They just shred it and move it out of the hive or just ignore it.
I use regular Cut Rite brand wax paper when making patties. Cut a piece about 14" long, dump a pound of patty on it, fold in half and flatten. When feeding, I remove as much of the top as I can. Last week I put three patties in hives I was goung to split from. There was not a trace left this weekend when I checked on them. No patty, no paper, nothing but an empty shim.
You can get cheap parchment paper at dollar tree works great. Don;t know what the companies use but I like parchment myself
I use these individual waxed sheets from restaurant supply stores or Amazon, they come in several different sizes
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