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Pollen on ground underneath hive

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Hey all,
Longtime reader, new member, first post, so please excuse me if this has been asked before. I have 7 colonies setting side by side. One of the colonies has grown from one medium box coming out of winter to four medium boxes. The colony seems very strong as it is full of bees, brood and food. I use screened bottoms with pull-out bottom boards. There is a lot of fresh-looking pollen under the hive and since replacing the bottom board this past week there is already some fresh pollen on it. Anyone ever seen this and/or have any ideas why it is happening? Thanks.
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welcome timmac.
I see some pollen around the entrance and in front of my hives on occasion. Never so much that I thought something was wrong- & not enough for me to collect anyway.
It may be getting knocked off their legs somehow. Could it be so crowded that the bees are rubbing against each other and knocking it lose? Or the pollen loads are so big that they are just making it back home with it intact and it gets brushed off upon moving in/thru the hive?
I can't think of any other reasons, maybe someone else will have some other thoughts.
One year I had some screened bottom boards that had 6# screen, the bees would enter the hive through the sbb and pollen would get scraped off them and land on the ground. Had a good layer of pollen on the ground under the hive.
Thanks for the replies, guys. I do use #8 screen so maybe it is just being knocked off after they enter the hive. I hadn't seen it happen before so thought maybe there was some sort of problem.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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