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Pollen Color

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Next time I open my hives I want to take a few pictures of pollen sells then use these to try and identify the pollen source. My question is do bee's mix the pollen in the cell or are they anal like I would be and keep the different pollens separated? My first thought would be they have mixed cells. As I watch them coming into the hive I have seen a lot of different colors of pollen.

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I can't answer your question, but the above link may help you in identifying pollen sources based on colors coming in. I wish I could give credit to the kind user that posted this but it was a while ago and I can't remember. I figured I'd pay it forward.

In answer to your question, the bees usually maintain the integrity of one source per cell. But if a source quits, they might fill the remainder of the cell with a different source.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera this spring when I saw a bee with multi-colored pollen loads in her pollen baskets. She obviously started working one source, and finished the load with pollen from another.
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