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Pollen color = what plants?

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I have been watching the bees bring in the pollen. And I wonder just what plants have what colors of pollen?
Some of the pollen on a workers hind legs are a chocolate brown color. Wonder what it came from? Some bundles of pollen are yellow, some bronze and some red, etc. Do you guys know what colors of pollen come from what plant? I don't think the flower color has much to do with pollen color. Or does it? Is there a chart out there somewhere that has this information? And I wonder about protein amounts, too...
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Someone on these forums posted this link awhile back..hope it helps you as it did me!!
Wow! That is great! And there is a chart! I'll bet the dark brown is from clover, since I see it around. Bees are amazing!

Another question...That one bee is not necessarily taking nectar from that flower it is getting the pollen from? It's either pollen or nectar but not both at the same time? Is that right?
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