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Pollen being collected

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It was 55 Deg in Utica New York and the bees were bringing in pollen today and I was surprised to see how much pollen they were bringing in the maples must be blooming early is any one else seeing this thanks
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My girls are bringing in pollen, too. It seems that every one returning has pollen in her baskets. It's nice to see. :)
HHF, it could be maples or other pollen producing plants as well.

I'm up here in Remsen. Got back too late tonight from work to see if the girls were bring home any pollen. I did see some pussy willows popping this weekend. Not seen any Maple blooms yet, but should be coming along pretty soon up here. Did you see what color the pollen was they were bringing back?

Here's a helpful link for pollen sources if you don't already have it.

Yes, we are seeing the same. The girls have been bringing in pollen for about five days that we have noticed.
I think the only thing we have is maples open so far, no dandelions yet, I am guessing the ground is still too cold.
The maples only appear open on the very outside highest branches, but it is enough to keep them busy.
It was great to see all the activity.
Mine have been bringing in the pollen real strong too, especially earlier in the day, the only trees that I see bloomed partially are some maples, like you said, the blooms seem to be concentrated on the outside branches, south and west side, where they receive the most sun. It seems like spring is about two weeks earlier than last year here in my area of Michigan.
First day for pollen here. But I'm only 5 miles from Lake Michigan where the weather is a little cooler than further inland. GREAT to see the girls so happy.
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