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Pollen and Then Nectar

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I had a discussion yesterday when asked why our bees were bringing pollen. It is still early and we do not have a real flow. I explained that soon they would be bringing in nectar but usually the pollen comes first. When the plants start to bloom the nectar flow starts. Am I correct as I am going by past experience and observation. I was told that nectar is available at the same time as pollen, and thus I could stop feeding....but I disagreed.I have been wrong before so am I in the right ballpark?
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Yep, pollen comes first, nectar will flow as the temperatures warm up.
They need both. Pollen is the protein and nectar/honey are the carbs they need to support themselves and the brood. If its a new hive or a wintered hive low on supplies and the flow hasnt started then the experts say yes feed...better to feed than to let them starve. If your starting to see a lot of nectar getting backfilled into all the cells and hardling any spots for the Queen to lay her eggs in...then it's probably time to stop feeding.
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