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Pollen and Nectar

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If the bees are bringing in pollen are they also bringing in nectar? Or do they not always get nectar from the same plants they get pollen from?
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I was wondering the same. It seems that about every fourth of fifth bee returning has pollen at my hives. I'm assuming the others have nectar but I'm not sure. I have also been watching the bees in my garden and noticed that most are collecting nectar, and have no pollen on their legs, although I have seen bees collecting nectar with pollen, just not recently.

Watching the bees shooting in and out of my hives, I have been wondering how many foraging trips they make a day? Some of the bees I have been observing closely that are foraging in the field have, as one of the books I have read clearly stated regarding bee's lifespan during the summer months, almost "literally flown their wings off." Their wings have appeared to be fragile and brittle looking, one smaller than the other like it was an older bee.
i asked a similar question back in may and got a "not necessarily"
In late summer when there is a nectar dearth, the bees will be bringing in pollen.
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