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The weather has been warm here. Sunday and Monday are supposed to be near record highs. I have been feeding my primary nuc yard as the days permit. Although they have been taking pollen substitute all along, it seems this feeding has spiked very rapidly in the past couple days. There is no doubt the bees are favoring collecting pollen instead of filling with syrup.

It seems to be early for brood rearing, as we have not even passed winter solstice yet. And it might be my stimulation with addtional feeding that has kicked in this pollen collection. I usually see this much pollen collection when brood rearing starts.

I say all this because the variables are many, and the explanation can vary. But with this wacky warmth, if the bees start premature brood rearing sooner than normal, then the food stores will run out on light hives earlier than anticipated. We still have the main part of winter to go through and I really think that spring starvation, will be a factor for many. After the past poor summer and honey crop, I would stay on top of inspecting and checking the honey stores.

Remember, warm weather keeps the bees more active, and the stores are consumed faster.
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