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I installed 3 packages of bees a few weeks ago. One package abconded and most seemed to have moved into one of my other hives (I'm thinking I'll need to add on the 2nd deep soon) since it seems to bursting over with bees. I would like to have my recently absconded hive back in action so here is what I'm thinking.
1: Take 2-3 frames (with brood...but not the queen) from the hive that is boiling over and install in the empty hive. Plug it and let it sit for 4-6hrs queenless.

2: Using a push-in cage (Michae Bush dimensions-- introduce a new Carniolan queen. Let them get aquainted for 4 days, then remove the push-in cage.

3: During this time put some grass in the reduced entrance to slow them down so they reorientate....and hope for the best.

Does this seem like a successful process?
I already have the queen with her attendants. So I'm thinking of doing this on Saturday. I'm assuming it is ok to introduce the attendants into the push-in cage along with the new this a bad assumption?
Thanks for the input.
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