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How do you do dears! The three member beekeeper family from Tajikistan searches for work on a specialist the beekeeper. We wish to work in Europe for example in: America, Australia and Canada. It is more twenty years that we are beekeeping.
Taranov Andrey Nikolaevich Russian 1964 of a birth. He was born in the capital of Tajikistan- Dushanbe. He is the hereditary beekeeper.
Taranova Olga Mihajlovna was born in Ukraine in the Lvov area in 1967.
Taranov Evgenie Andreevich-son was born in 1986 in city Dushanbe. He is Russian. We are engaged gathering of beer honey and cultivation and sale of beer families. We like our profession very much. We contain 150 beer families.
We gather from 2 to 5 tonnes honey. We find your E-mail from Internet so we decided to write you a letter please read it and answer. We will wait for your answer. We'll send you our photoes.
Thanks a lot.

My E-Mail [email protected]
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