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Plastic Outer Covers

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What are your opinions of plastic outer covers? I have used the traditional metal-clad covers since the 1970's and wound up with 2 plastic covers through a package "complete hive" purchase. I have noticed that the insides of the plastic covers are dripping wet most of the time as compared to the wood covers. It also seems that the honey in the upper supers takes longer to get capped with the plastic covers.

Maybe these plastic covers will make good oil drip pans in the hangar under my airplane.
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Upside...1..One piece,


3..never needs painting,

4..never rot.

Downside, 1. Moisture condenses on the inside of top in Winter, then drips back down on the inner cover, and into the hive,

2..will deteriorate over time and become brittle,

3..tends to blow off in less wind than heavier wood/metal tops,

They are quite acceptable, but, I prefer wood and metal.

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