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Plastic Foundations

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Hello! I want to know when and how to use plastic foundations? thank you
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put a wax-coated embossed sheet in a frame just like wax. Use it whenever, I prefer it over wax foundation
I used it some, but prefer foundationless. It makes great sense to use in honey supers as i doubt it would blow out when extracting. The black colored plastic is probably good i nthe brood nest since eggs & small larva would be easy to see against the dark background.
I LOVE plastic foundation, especially for the honey supers. My bees, well, they're a little reluctant. I made my plastic foundation as appealing as plain wax foundation by adding my melted cappings to the plastic foundation with a 4" foam roller.

If you want more information on this process, send me an e-mail to [email protected] and reply with a PDF attachment on how to do the whole process. Not hard, but added wax is the great equalizer. Put "plastic" in the subject line and that's all I need from you.

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Hello! I want to know when and how to use plastic foundations? thank you
Like everyone else has said, you use it like you would regular foundation. I use it in my supers so as to not blow them out while extracting. My bees seem to like Rite-Cell the best.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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