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I've been researching plant mixtures for my bees and have run into a couple of questions. I live in Ohio.

While researching plantings, there are a number of mixes that primarily focus on clover. I like this idea, but I wonder if there is a mix that will provide very early bloomers (maybe dandilion), followed by the long clover blooms, and then followed up with late blooms (maybe goldenrod). I just can't find anything that will bloom for pretty much early spring to late fall. Has anyone found anything like that? Are their plants that will coexist together, blooming at different times, and will not overrun each other? I would prefer not to do a monoculture type crop if possible.

I live in deer country with a large population of deer that eat everything. I saw one guy comment that the deer ate the clover down so fast that it didn't have a chance to bloom and thus didn't help his bees. Has anyone experienced this? I assume if I have a decent area (a couple of acres) of clover, it will be more than enough for both...but I dont want to spend the money if I am just going to be feeding the deer and not the bees. Thoughts?

This is a little off topic but thought I would throw it out. I have a couple of miles of trails through my woods that are in grass right now. I am planning on converting these to a low growing clover cover (like dutch clover) instead of the grass. Any chance all these trails in clover would keep the deer there and not in the bigger fields?

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