Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997
From: Andy Nachbaur
Organization: WILD BEE'S BBS (209) 826-8107 LOS BANOS, CA
Subject: PLAGIARISM in USDA Bee Research

FYI* from a post to the sci.agriculture.beekeeping news group.

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Check this out to get an idea of what I am saying: Download PDF

In my humble opinion, IMHO...

If you go to this site you will find some very interesting information on cell size and how it can and does effect the health of your honeybees. This is good information and has been a long time in coming, but..

The information in this news release attributed to Dr. Erickson, the leader of the Tucson, Arizona ARS Bee Lab, and based on work done by him and/or others at his lab. This information is now being picked up by the farm press and news services and spread as the GOSPEL according to the best of USDA Bee Research (BS) science.

Nothing wrong with this or the information except for one little small detail.

The information contained is not the work product of, or the original idea of anyone connected to the USDA, ARS, or USDA Beekeeping Research. You would never know it by reading the information on this page or the so called NEWS stories now making the rounds in the agricultural press based on the USDA ARS News releases about Dr. Erickson and his work at the Bee Lab in Tucson.

Copying or using someone else's idea's and work is a violation of federal and world copyright laws and is a crime. This includes the duplication of the ideas and work of others no matter what their personal station in life. We all know that we beekeepers are not in the same class as some of our public servants, such as the so called Beekeeping Scientist (BS). I am sure that this USDA Research branch of ARS will defend themselves by saying we did not write the PRESS release or some such lamer excuse, but this won't wash as they do control the information in their own press releases and web pages and the facts are they did not even share the credit for the information contained in the press release or on their web pages and that is clear to the public or anyone who wants to read or visit them and/or read this official government information.

You can be sure if this was information from the chemical industry they would have been sure to have shared the credit..but then we all know the close connection of the chemical industry to the so called bee research industry in the ARS.

Who cares anyway?, well I am sure the beekeeper's involved who have spent several generations working in their bees and first noticed and brought it to the attention of those in the Beekeeping Industry and Beekeeping Research at the USDA that the cell size of our foundation is too large, and have themselves been using smaller sized foundations for years, (something that could be adjusted by the foundation manufactures in a few weeks), do care, if only because so many in both the beekeeping industry and beekeeping research have turned a deaf ear to their ideas and cries for help in the past only now to read that the USDA Bee Research under Dr. Erickson have discovered what they have known, worked with, written about and talked about for years...thats the work of those who PLAGIARIZE or steal from the writing and work of others, easy it would have been to say because of work and ideas from such and such beekeepers in our area we have been able to duplicate and replicate work that they are doing or have done in the past and found out using the best scientific mythology that they were right all along, Thank You, Mr. and Mrs. Beekeeper. On a cold day in Hell, maybe....!

ttul, the OLd Drone

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