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Placing a swarm trap

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A friend of mine has a house in the woods and last summer a colony of bee's moved into a hole in one of the trees. I think it is fairly safe to assume that they will swarm at some time this summer. Where would be the best place to position a trap for the best chance of catching them if and when they do swarm. Then my next question can someone point me to some plans for a nice swarm trap.

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The bees seem to like that height so put the trap in another tree. Make a box about the size of a super or a cube 16 inches on every side. If you just use a 5 frame nuc, it will be easier to transfer if they ever move in.
Place in one frame of old comb. Also soak a cotton ball with lemon grass oil to attract them. Put it same height as they are now in a tree near.
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