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Maybe someday I will have learned enough that I can contribute to the answering of questions instead of just asking them.

Here is the situation. One hive came through the winter very strong with lots of bees. Earlier in the spring I expanded the brood next with a couple of empty frames and everything was looking good. Later I found a ferw empty queen cups along the bottoms of frames but never more than a few at a time and they were always empty. About 8-10 days agot I was inspecting and came across a capped queen cell on the bottom of the frame. However, it was also attached to the fram next to it and the cell broke open exposing the pupa inside when I pulled the fram out. During that same inspection I noticed that there was lots of capped brood and some eggs but no larva. I thought that was strange and I don't know if that has anything to do with this situation or not.

A couple of days ago went back in to see if they were making more queen cells. I did not find anymore queen cells at all but did find lots of capped brood, larva, and eggs. I also heard a warbling sound come out of the bottom box- loud enough to be heard above the buzzing of all the other bees. IT lasted for several seconds and then stopped- I didn't hear any more after that. I didn't know what it was but after searching the internet I found this link with some recordings that sound fairly similar to what I heard.

Could it be a new queen? The one queen cell that was damage was damaged pretty severly. Are the necessarily going to swarm? Just trying to figure out what is going on. Thanks!
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