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Hi all! I received a nice surprise jolt when out harvesting bee pollen a few days ago. There were a few granules of bee pollen that were PINK! I've never seen that color before and haven't seen any since!

In fact it all came from just one hive and there were only 13 granules! Tiny amount. The next few days afterward from that hive I didn't see any more pink. I'm convinced I could get rich if I had enough of this stuff lol.

I have no idea what flower this might have come from and the charts I can find online do not show that pink in any way as a color of bee pollen. Anyone have any idea what kind of flower would produce this. As we all know, the color of pollen is typically not what the final bee pollen color is.

Any ideas?

For your viewing pleasure, my wife took a picture of all the different colors of been pollen that came in from the hives that day. Of course you can see the pink is on the top right:
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