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Pictures of different honeybees

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Is there a website that shows the different species of honeybees that includes pictures of each type? I can find plenty of sites describing different honeybees but none that has a picture of each kind.
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They are all mutts and the color variations of the mutts people generally call Italians and the mutts people generally call Carniolans and the mutts people generally call Russians overlap a lot. The Carniolans tend to be darker. The Italians tend to be lighter in color. But that's as much because people call the darker ones Carniolans as it is because the Carniolans are darker...
MB is right on the money there. Even when it comes to the way the bees act it is difficult to tell the diff between them at this point as they have cross bred so many times. Just about the only way to see what "breed" they are is to have the ARS beelab do a DNA test on them. I'm sure they can tell the Russians but the other two not so certain about.
There are 7 recognized "species"

Apis andreniformis
Apis florea
Apis dorsata
Apis cerana
Apis koschevnikovi
Apis mellifera
Apis nigrocincta

Do a search for these for pics or additional info

There are other bees that store honey but only these are the true honey bees.
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>There are 7 recognized "species"

Sorry, you are correct (seems like they have added a couple in recent times and I don't remember if those are all in your list or not, but probably they are). If we are talking species, there is only one in North America and that is Apis mellifera. I assumed they meant "race", and I may have assumed wrong and probably should have pointed out the difference.
Carniolans are said to be darker than Italians, but my Carniolan mutts are lighter than the neighobor's Italian mutts. go figure
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Honey Bee Species, courtesy Engel, et al 2009
Thanks for the pic.
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