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Pick up truck hitch crane??

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I am sure I am not saying it correctly.

A while ago I saw a crane/lift that you put in your hitch of your pick up truck. I wanted to say it was from Harbor Freight but I can't find it. It was around $100 or less.

I saw one on Walmart but $150 but it doesn't lift as high or reach into the bed as far.

NO I don't want the DRILL in lift. I am not going to drill anything into my new F350 and it also isn't a tall lift I think.

Anyone know where this would be found ? I have been searching for a few days and just can't find it.

Reason? At some point I will find my forever home and want to be able to move my hives, alone. I am a woman so not as strong as most so a crane/lift would be so much better/easier. Yes I could get a trailer but then I have to register/insure it and that is just not worth it.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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