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I just found this is what they are using for spraying mosquitoes now.Extremely toxic to bees.Will kill eggs also.I lost lots of hives here last year when they sprayed and wit looked as if the queens just stopped laying and no eggs.They are not supposed to spray close to me but caught the guy turning the sprayer on by some hives last week.
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4ish langstrom hives
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What time of day are they spraying?

I dont have any information to say this works or not, but I have a fish air pump pushing air from my basement into my hives during the summer to keep the mesquito spray out of my hives. They come around between 9pm and 11pm here to spray so most of the bees are in the hive. I am making the assumption that the air in my basement is relatively "clean" and safe for the bees. I have a cheap flow meter inline with the air pump so I know how much air I am pushing into the hives, and shoot for a few hundred ml/min of air flow. I have not lost any hives during the summer (when they are spraying) yet so I dont think this is hurting.

This is the flow meter I have

An air pump

My hives are 20 feet from my house so it does not take much to get an air hose out there. If you have access to power and you hives are a ways from everything you may be able to do something like put the air pump in a box with several good carbon filters to catch the spray and then force cleaner air into the hives.
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