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Pesticide and my bees.....

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I am a new backyard beekeeper and caught my first swarm this spring with some help from knowledgeable friends. They were doing so well, I had even added a third supper. A few days ago I went out to find most of them dead or dying. After some research and talking with friends I am pretty sure they got into some pesticides. I called the city to see if they had done any spraying recently and they said no, so I am guessing it was a neighbor. So sad! Now I must figure out what to do with everything. There are still a few bees coming and going but I'm not even sure if they are mine or from another hive taking the honey and there is a lot of honey. I took off the top supper which was half full of honey and am now wondering if the honey if okay to harvest. How do i clean out all the dead bees from the bottom two suppers and check to see if the queen is still alive? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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Take the hive apart, box by box, and clean them out as you go. If your bees died in the hive I would be suspicious of tainted honey because they obviously carried pesticide back into the hive. Are there bees left alive? If so, then condense the hive by removing boxes until the remaining bees can care for the hive. Get rid of any uncapped honey. :(
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