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Cutout #2 is coming up tomorrow and I'm trying to refine my talk track when speaking with homeowners. The person I'm speaking with has said that they would prefer removal as opposed to calling an exterminator, but they haven't ruled that out as a possibility. I think he may be saying that because I was a little too aggressive when I responded to his email. I did a cutout on Wednesday and the person I was dealing with was a contractor who wanted the bees gone at all costs, and I think that put me into a gung-ho mindset. :)

Anyway, my question is what do exterminators do? Just spray, or do they remove the whole hive? Orkin's website says that the whole hive needs to be removed to keep them from coming back, so I assume that's what they do.

With that being said, I think I'm going to tell homeowners this -

- Not all pest control companies remove the hive. If they don't, then the remaining wax is a magnet for all kinds of pests; mice, roaches, ants, etc. Wax moths can damage wood. The remaining wax is also a magnet for a new colony. In fact, we use old wax as bait to capture swarms back on the farm.

- If you find a pest control that WILL remove the wax, then they're going to have to take the same steps as I to get to the colony.

Does all of that sound accurate? BTW - my full time job is in Medical Sales. :)
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