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mike is it possible to do regression in one summer by useing wax dipped permacome. also how long do you leave it in the oven before dipping.

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Local feral survivors in eight frame medium boxes.
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Well, first you preheat the oven. Then I put a little piece of beeswax on the PermaComb and watched it through the glass door to see when it melted. Then I had an idea how long it would take. If the oven is gas and preheated and not over 200 degrees F it shouldn't matter, in theory, how long as long as it's long enough to get the PermaComb up to 200. But I try to do it as soon as it's hot enough to melt the wax. I kept track of how long and then did it that long for the rest. I honestly don't remember exactly (I did a bunch and haven't done any for more than a year and a half now) but it was between 15 and 20 minutes.

Once in a while I got one too hot and it stuck to the cardboard. Once I got one too hot and it melted. And I put them in the oven 10 at a time, but only the back one melted that once.

It is critical you not exceed 220 F.

Yes, They are pretty much instantly regressed. They have small comb and the queen lays in that and the emergence times are already short so the mites are instantly under control. It does take a full turn over of the worker population before you have small bees from it and maybe a year of living on it before some small cell keepers would consider them regressed, but from the mite standpoint your there right off the bat.
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