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So wait a minute.
The web site is up and operational.
They offer all kinds of bees.
While this page is still up (breeds), the home page [] says,

"Our bees and queens are no longer available to the public market. We are strictly providing commercial pollination services. We recommend that you contact Varner Bee Farm (PA and FL), Joseph Clemens (AZ), or Ted Kretschmann (AL), Dave Miksa (FL), Koehnen Apiaries (CA), Stratchen Apiaries (CA). Thanks and happy beekeeping! "

Don't know anything about this, was kinda cool to see a bunch of different "breeds" on the same page. My immediate thought was how large your operation would have to be to keep from having one "race" in a few years. Unless you were using I.I., keeping that many different bees separate would require more islands than I currently own. :D
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