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Is the distributor Robert Russel?
I coughed up the fees and I am now the mid west distributor/sub producer using Dr Russel breeders witch he says he will send to me this spring and he will be able to move all the queens I can produce at a premium price

for those who don'tknow the history.. dude showed up on BS, convinced fokes he was a PHD with a whole bunch of special strain's of bees took money and then didn't deliver

whats scary/funny is he almost got away with it... if he had just delivered bees, any kindb of bees, he could have made it work...
long story short his dad was the real deal.... but this guy wasn't a good bee keeper... seems like he was ordering queen cells form the miska's (you can get cells form just about any breeder queen you want form them) emerging the virgins' and shipping them (time difference between a 2 week banked virgin and a banked queen laying is only a few days ) most people who got queens from queens form him lliked them....
as I said, he very nearly pulled it off ... selling franchises to reagons to produce "his" line and all ..
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