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Packed pollen frames?

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A while back I asked what I could do with frames that were 60%-70% packed with stored pollen and I have been adding a few pack into my packaged hives this year. As I looked through my "reserve" frames and boxes at my house, I noticed I have 20 frames of deeps that are almost 100% filled with pollen, front and back. What are some suggestions that I could do with all these packed frames of pollen? Either for the bees or for human use. Thanks, juzzer
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Juzzerbee - Giving a hive a pollen frame a couple months before spring will really get them motivated on building up brood. You could also use those frames while doing grafting in your Cell Starter colony. The bees need plenty of good pollen when they make queens. Or you could possibly sell those frames to people that are doing grafting or for their spring build ups.. There's no substitution for natural pollen when it comes to building up good bees. Sure the pollen sub will work, but the bees don't live very long either from what people say. I myself would feed those frames back to my bees in the late winter for spring build up.
I read they won’t take them if they are too old, (I think it was a year) I would refrigerated or freeze until you’re ready to use them.

I would let the bees manage them, they may turn it in to bee bread, or use it up and save the new pollen.
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