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Package Split?

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I realize that the conventional wisdom says to not split a first year package, however I have a package top bar colony installed on April 17 that in about 7-10 days will have drawn out all the bars in the hive, so I have no more room to insert blank bars in the broodnest or for honey storage. For reference my cavity is 45" in length and we are in the midst of our main nectar flow which should go until mid-Julyish.

I lost my other package colony due to a drone layer and have not been successful in attracting a swarm.

I am considering doing a walkaway or even split (I have a terrible time finding the queen and I love this queen's attributes) from this strong colony this weekend so that I might head into winter with two colonies.

Is that a wise course for me to consider or should I leave well enough alone and keep this colony at maximum strength to improve my overwintering odds? If it is a good idea, is now the best time to do so or should I wait to get deeper into the flow to allow this colony to build further? I know I have to think about drone availability, too....

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Let see here, I have a captured swarm dated May 12th.
I will split it prior to the July 4th.
I see nothing wrong with the splitting because:
- they have filled 20-frame extra-deep long hive;
- I know the history of this swarm and I like the traits so far (they wintered un-treated and swarmed early)
- I would like to expand this line some and send at least 2-3 queens into the winter.

If you have a package installed in April (a month ahead of me) and like it and it is spilling out - sure, split it up.
At worst, you will recombine it back for the winter and will have lost nothing (you may keep the original queen if prefer).
At best you will have some redundancy (but best to be conservative with it, this is where I have been failing :) )
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