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I am going to pick up my first two packages tomorrow. The new hives are set up , filled with frames and foundation, The Screened bottom board has a slide in cover. and a feeder replaces two out of the 10 frames. The packages are from New Zealand so they have been packaged for a while. It will probably be near midnight when I get home. Our nightly lows are running about -2 c , 30 F our daytime highs are about 14 c, 60 f.
Should I store the packages in a heated building overnight? If so what's the best time to install them. I head to work at 7am and its still below freezing. I could slip home at lunch time or wait till afternoon, but that's an extra 24 hours in the package? Any other tips ?
Our spring is late but I saw the first cherry blossoms today.
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