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I hived a package on May 11. They have built out all but one half frame of one medium and I have added another. Most cells in the lower medium are at least partially full with over half with good brood pattern. Plenty of eggs, larva and capped brood. Their activity has slowed way down over the past week.

A nuc I hived a week ago is a bit more active but not crazy busy.

On the other hand, my 2 established hives are still crazy with activity, not quite machine gun bees but close. Their activity has slowed some but they act like a flow is still on.

These hives are in the 'burbs in Indianapolis. All are queenright.

Is the difference in activity levels just a function of population? Or is the flow coming to an end?

I would like to provide the package hive with resources to draw out comb but will not be able to check them over the next 10 days. I have a large hive top feeder. Would you add it?

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