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Package Bees

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I plan on starting some new hives this comming spring, using package bees.

After reading some of the Horror stories, about dishonest people selling packages, and being unresponsive to the problems, I was wondering who are the people/companies that are reliable to do buisness with.

Recommendations Please
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Koehnen's are a good and reliable source for package. You might also consider going with a local nuc for pickup in your area.
id second that about keohans. but better yet get a nuc from the fat beeman in Georgia. i am very happy with the bees i got from him this spring. they are my strongest hives.
Join your local bee club if there is one...get to know the people over the fall and winter and by spring you will know who in your local area has the goods and can be trusted.
Everyone has different experiences. I have had horrible luck with packages from Gardener's, but others on the forum won't buy bees from anyone else.

The best bees I ever purchased, I purchased as frames of bees and brood from a nearby commercial beekeeper which I then queened with queens from a breeder who I knew to be reliable.

That is probably the best, most reliable route to good bee stock.
David and Sheri at Long Lane Honeybees are good to deal with.
I'm also curious on picking up some packages this spring.

Any other suggestions?

Anyone that sells VSH/Carny packages?
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