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Oxalic Vaporizing and Candyboards

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I am assuming that I can use oxalic acid in vapor form with candyboard on? I was worried that eating sugar from a treatment is no different than them chewing to uncap honey to consume.

I know honey supers must be gone if treating in summer but I assume that is to protect us.

So.... any info on treating with candyboards on?
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Welcome to the forum Deron, good info and great people. Join a bee club, get a mentor and do a lot of reading. If you already have bees you need to be getting ready because spring is almost here. Hopefully you have already treated a couple of times. If not you need to treat now and after treatment put in a sticky board to catch the dead mite drop. After 48 hours pull the board and count the dead mites. If more than 10 do the process again until you get to single digits. For more information visit or Michael Bush's website. Good Luck...
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