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Can I overwinter here in N.C. with one deep brood chamber and one medium. I live in the center of the state.
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Most people there do. I just don't get having two different sized brood combs...
Yes you can, even 1 deep only, but if the hive is strong enough I like to use 2 deeps. It makes for a very strong hive in the spring for honey or 10 frame splits.
Thanks!I'me only expermenting with the different hive setups I have decided to go with all eight frame boxes,After helping a friend of mine with his ten frame boxes.I already have two double deeps and one with three mediums.Also iddee do you use small cell?
NO. I am working on raising queens from a hive that can be traced back over 20 years on normal foundation without treatment of any kind. Because of that, I am going with the most conventional methods known. IE: Ten frame deeps with medium or shallow supers, wired foundation, some in sun, some in shade, mostly morning sun with evening shade, openings facing east or southeast. ETC, ETC.
I do treat my other hives with fgmo and thymol, to obtain a knockdown of mites, but not on a regular schedule, as I don't want to propagate hives needing treatment, but a good knockdown now and then may contribute to their building resistance. I only keep them because I get paid for extracting them and I use them for making nucs for my "hopefuls". The ones I HOPE are resistant.
I also watch the caught ones for resistance, "what most call "ferals". I have 1 such feral now on it's fourth year. If it makes it through this winter, I may raise queens from it, also.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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