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Overwintering single nucs?

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I've had good success overwintering double deep nucs and was considering trying to overwinter a larger number of single nucs this year. I live in Washington State where the winters are fairly mild but usually wet. What are your thought on this?

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I wintered single nucs successfully here in MA the last 3 years. They do better with 2 story nucs though.
Bee brothers i need to pick your brains and get some knowledge on how this was done....
I too have a few nucs..some doubles, most singles at the moment. I am just North of and am very interested in the details of how you have been over wintering nucs as I have never done it.

Grouping,insulating,entrances,quilts,feeding etc.

Any all information,photos and tips would be appreciated.

I have found I can actually lift a full nuc box so am learning to love them:)
I went 5/5 in 2012/13 and 0/5 in 2013/14, I am close to Portland Oregon. We got an extended cold snap in the early part of the year last year.
I have only run single nucs.
I've never had an issue wintering single deeps here in MO. This year I plan on trying to winter some five frame nucs in a horizontal deep Lang. I'll divide it with luan or corrugated plastic.

My plan is to start my queens at the first of Aug. that should give me two rounds of brood by frost, around Oct 15.

I've started several at the first of Aug and had them in a single deep by frost but I usually have to help them a little with some drawn comb, stores, etc.
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