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I live in the Methow Valley, Central WA state where we have been experiencing devastating wildfires/drought/smoke for most of the summer. I haven't been into the hives for about 3-4 weeks because of the fires/level 2 evac/power outages/extreme smoke....So today I opened up without a smoker(fearful of anything that may cause a fire...had a 400 hundred acre fire, 10 homes lost/30 structures because of spark off flat tire..this after the 255,000 acres burned in Carlton Complex fire. Anyway here's what is happening(These are New World Carnies) Bee Honeycomb Beehive Honeybee Insect

Hive 1 has 5-8 frames deeps...5th deep was mostly honey, 4th deep had full frame of brood both sides in the middle(attached a photo) with partial frames being constructed and heavy honey/pollen frames on the ends...3rd deep had a couple frames although not full of brood in the middle. I didn't look in the 2nd deep..the top three appear to be the loudest and when I listed to the 2nd/1st a little less noisy. I opened up each of the 3rd-5th boxes in the middle so the queen(and I pray I didn't smash her) doesn't feel crowded. I didn't see any eggs but I am not very good at that. I assume I'll pull the 5th deep for the honey.

Hive 2 has now a 4th deep. The 3rd deep had brood in middle frames and lots of honey/pollen. I gave another deep and moved some brood/honey/partial frames up(opened up 3rd deep)..not sure if I should but I did.

My question is what is the most 8 frame deeps have you left on for the winter???
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