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I live in the Methow Valley, Central WA state where we have been experiencing devastating wildfires/drought/smoke for most of the summer. I haven't been into the hives for about 3-4 weeks because of the fires/level 2 evac/power outages/extreme smoke....So today I opened up without a smoker(fearful of anything that may cause a fire...had a 400 hundred acre fire, 10 homes lost/30 structures because of spark off flat tire..this after the 255,000 acres burned in Carlton Complex fire. Anyway here's what is happening(These are New World Carnies) 10349075_822178657812870_1145957694213929522_n.jpg :

Hive 1 has 5-8 frames deeps...5th deep was mostly honey, 4th deep had full frame of brood both sides in the middle(attached a photo) with partial frames being constructed and heavy honey/pollen frames on the ends...3rd deep had a couple frames although not full of brood in the middle. I didn't look in the 2nd deep..the top three appear to be the loudest and when I listed to the 2nd/1st a little less noisy. I opened up each of the 3rd-5th boxes in the middle so the queen(and I pray I didn't smash her) doesn't feel crowded. I didn't see any eggs but I am not very good at that. I assume I'll pull the 5th deep for the honey.

Hive 2 has now a 4th deep. The 3rd deep had brood in middle frames and lots of honey/pollen. I gave another deep and moved some brood/honey/partial frames up(opened up 3rd deep)..not sure if I should but I did.

My question is what is the most 8 frame deeps have you left on for the winter???
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